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With the alarming statistics of the health of our citizens in West Virginia, in addition to the ongoing surveillance of our children and their parents, CARDIAC realizes the critical need to assist in providing interventional strategies to promote change in health knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of our children and their families.

Our goal is to help provide, through collaboration with others, interventions that will facilitate knowledge, positive attitudes, and desired behaviors in children related to health risk factors - particularly physical activity and nutrition.

Some of our interventions, like Healthy Hearts and NEW You, were developed and implemented by members of the CARDIAC central staff.  Others are a direct result of partnerships with well established programs in the community, such as our collaboration with WVU’s Extension Services.  We hope that ALL of the intervention programs - whether developed first hand or as a result of a collaborative effort - will foster a statewide environment that motivates CARDIAC Kids, families, and communities to take their own steps toward a healthy lifestyle.

Check out all three types of CARDIAC Interventions:


  • Health Screening and Education
  • Take Charge Be Healthy®
  • Nursing Education Initiative (CARING)
  • Games for Health / DDR, After School Clubs
  • West Virginia on the Move - Schools on the Move Grants
  • Active Academics®
  • Kinder Dental

Click here for a description of each School Based Intervention

  • WV Resources Directory
  • WVU Extension - 4-H Clubs and Camp Programs
  • CARDIAC Bootcamp
  • CARDIAC Hotline
  • Body Works

Click here for a description of each Community Based Intervention

  • Camp NEW You
  • NEW You Program
  • WV Familial Hypercholesterolemia Project
  • The Preventative Cardiology Clinic for Children and Adolecents

Click here for a description of each At-Risk Population Intervention

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